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Dun and Spots

There  TWO KINDS of spots:  pinto/paint and Appaloosa!

Click HERE for Appaloosa Duns.

Click here to see a full page of this unusually-marked dun tobiano, Mr Hollywood Pine, formerly owned by Gilkey Performance Horses, Selma, OR

Titan - RMR.jpg (11298 bytes)

Thanks to Tara of Rising Moon Ranch for sharing Skipn Titanium Chunk ("Titan") with us.  He's a "smoky grullo tovero", (solid black + dun + cream + tobiano + splash) with two blue eyes (both lined in black).

GlittersYellerDunPaintFilly6DaysOld8April2002.jpg (26189 bytes)

The overo filly Merlin's Last Splash, left, is a dunalino from Carousel QH's

wpe4E.jpg (35135 bytes)

This red dun tobiano stallion is Legend of Pride, from Amarugia Horses.


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