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Microscopic Hair/Pigment Research 

Why look at horse hairs under a microscope? 

We're trying to determine if horse colors can be differentiated by looking at their body hair pigment arrangement microscopically.

Photos by Oregon educator and dungenes list member Kim Bauer.  

She shined the light from the Bioscope at 200x onto her ceiling, took photographs, scanned those, and emailed them to me.  God bless her for all of that tedious work!!!

You may click any of the thumbnail photos below to see the full size.  WARNING: most of these pictures are ENORMOUS, to show as much detail as possible. I've tried to crop off unrelated background areas.

I'll put the corresponding horses' pictures on here soon, I hope.  They are mostly duns.  Some hairs are from white markings, some are from the body but appear white, some are colored body hairs (no mane and tail hairs in her collection at all.)  Some of the thumbnails have been distorted to make them a standard size; the actual size photos are true to proportion, but cropped.

Horse's info

Hair Root

Hair Middle

Hair Tip

Horse's pics


Kiger Sundance,

 true dun

Sundanceroot2.jpg (67430 bytes)
 Sundanceroot.jpg (98781 bytes)
  Sundancetip.jpg (101014 bytes)


 graying Kiger

Casperfaceroot2.jpg (88066 bytes) 
face hair root
Casperfaceroot.jpg (59829 bytes)
face hair root
Caspershoulderroot.jpg (83745 bytes)
shoulder hair root
Caspershoulderroot2.jpg (92751 bytes)
shoulder hair root
Casperfacemid2.jpg (120804 bytes)
face hair middle
Casperfacemid.jpg (115113 bytes)
face hair middle
Caspershouldermid.jpg (103437 bytes)
shoulder hair 
Caspershouldertip.jpg (94076 bytes)
shoulder hair tip


Diegowhiteroot.jpg (92213 bytes)
white root
Diegohair.jpg (62412 bytes)
Diegohair3.jpg (98770 bytes)
Diego4.jpg (111357 bytes)
Diegowhitemid.jpg (87776 bytes)
Diegohair2.jpg (37350 bytes)
colored tip
white tip

Diego & Gato

  DiegoGatomids2a.jpg (128913 bytes)
DiegoGatomids2.jpg (107385 bytes)
DiegoGatomids.jpg (90258 bytes)
GatoDiegotips.jpg (129165 bytes)

Kiger Dundee, 

true dun

Dundeeroot.jpg (100584 bytes)   Dundeetip.jpg (77662 bytes)    



Dustyroot2.jpg (69200 bytes)
Dustyroot.jpg (66620 bytes)
  Dustytip2a.jpg (398898 bytes)
Dustytip2.jpg (69281 bytes) 
Dustytip.jpg (65291 bytes)


bay Appaloosa w/white socks.

Travroot.jpg (19172 bytes) Travwhitemid2.jpg (100058 bytes) 
white hair middle
Travwhitemid.jpg (89189 bytes)  
white hair middle
Travtip2.jpg (22355 bytes)
colored hair tip
Travtip.jpg (65981 bytes)
colored hair tip
Travwhitetip.jpg (81477 bytes)
white hair tip



These web sites might also be of interest to a student of this subject:



The 7 pictures below are from early Feb. 2004, taken from the new (then) "Digital Blue" computer microscope.

I include them as a test for the microscope and also for comparison to the horse hairs picture from Kim Bauer, above.

Three hairs from my head at 60 x: my_3_hairs_60x_a.jpg (41272 bytes)

My natural color hair at 200x:  my_brown_hair_200x.jpg (39668 bytes) my_brown_hair_200x_a.jpg (46132 bytes)

My gray hair at 60x:my_gray_60x.jpg (32401 bytes) 200x: my_gray_200x.jpg (40206 bytes)

Three pug dog hairs at 60x: peanuts_2guardfuzz_60x.jpg (34778 bytes) (not all in focus at once)

Amir's chestnut mane hair at 200x: Amir_mane_1_x200.jpg (47685 bytes) (Arabian horse)


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