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Red Dun

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Red Dun is the result of one or two dun genes on a red (chestnut/sorrel) base.

A red dun will usually be lighter in overall body color than the average chestnut, and will have red-brown markings left behind (undiluted areas) by the dun dilution gene.

Our first red dun example is "Levi", owned by Dick & Mary Annita Blake AQHA,ApHC & NFQHA Performance Horses, Wolf Run Ranch.  Other red duns, with different owners, are below his pictures.

Click on these thumbnail photos to see them normal size.  Comments are the webmaster's unless otherwise noted.

Levi full veiw.JPG (86994 bytes)

Here is the side view.  I would expect some people to write him off as a "light sorrel" if looking at this photo only. Many horses' base colors are so dark that we can't rely on the *appearance* of dilution to determine the presence of a dun gene.  But look:

Levi Dorsal.JPG (48609 bytes)

In this photo we can see that he has a red-on-red dorsal stripe.  This is the *first* place we look to determine whether a horse is a dun.  The stripe is sharp-edged, a very important trait to differentiate it from dorsal "shading".

Levi' tail.JPG (36269 bytes)

The stripe breaks up over his withers, but over his rump it goes right down into and throughout his tail.  We learned from Kiger Cougar, a famous Kiger (dun), that dorsal stripes can vary greatly.

Levi front legs.JPG (54923 bytes)

See the lovely, typical dun markings on his front legs.  The dark color is the color he would have been if not for the dun dilution.  This is the *second* place we look to determine if a horse is a dun.

Levi rear hock.JPG (36447 bytes)

He is also graced with nice dun markings on his hocks (hind legs.)  These are not visible on all dun horses, but they do give a good additional indicator when they are present.

Levi's Tranverse stripe.JPG (36483 bytes)

Levi also has the shoulder barring (like a transverse stripe on a donkey) that is so typical of duns.  We are also seeing this on horses whose dun status we have not yet determined, however.

red dun dorsal 2.jpg (25464 bytes)red dun shoulder barring 3.jpg (34975 bytes)

These photos of another red dun were taken by Julia Lord.  They are of the dorsal stripe and shoulder markings, both on one horse (name unknown).

Chi's tail 1.JPG (83002 bytes)

Red dun foal at age of 8 hours! Chai, owned by Ivan (Dick) & Mary Annita Blake ApHC,AQHA,&NFQHA Performance Horses www.wolfrunranch.com 

chiliagain.JPG (34491 bytes)

This Red Dun mare  (from Colleen) belongs to Donna of VooDoo Farm in FL

Duderearsized.JPG (79270 bytes)

As does this stallion.


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