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Indigo Sierra

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Indigo Sierra

Indigo Morgans

This Morgan mare is believed to be "only" a brown buckskin.  She has not been tested for the dun markers.

It has been said that she has none of the known dun carriers in the Morgan breed in her pedigree.

She has a (deceased) stripy smoky black sire, who has been used on another web site as an example of "false dun" (see his very black-looking, early pictures, below), who has a cremello dam, who has two palomino parents.  We will look for dun there, first.

 <= all of these are Sierra

Comparison of her dorsal stripe with that of stablemate Skye: 
Which is dun?  Which is "obviously buckskin"?


Sierra's sire, "Smoke", deceased:

as a foal with his cremello dam, photo courtesy of Marilyn Vander Wekken, his breeder

as a long yearling, photo courtesy of his owner,
Wenda Gassner
Smoke tested E/e a/a Cr/n

He looks SO solid black in his yearling picture, above right, that we probably should just stop there.  But, since he's been used as an example of "false dun", he must have some striping, so let's look a bit farther...

Parents of the cremello mare, above: 

Sire: Pal-A-Mor's Golden Sun

Dam: Kodiak Gold Model Walker

This "niche" yielded a few Palomino and at least one chestnut offspring, some of which can be seen here.

Speedking is one of Sierra's cremello granddam's grandsires (Kodiak Gold's sire)

Speedking is a dark palomino whose upper legs look dark enough to be caused by or hiding dun, in my opinion.   One of his sons is Triple S Goldust Correll who is also sooty and could have marked forelegs (in my opinion).



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