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"IA Maia Valia" (smokey black filly with dorsal stripe) out of "Valia Cierta" (bright chestnut mare who was sired by a gray Andalusian, MC Acierto, and out of a bay purebred Arabian mare - Aladdinn lines)   So, Maia is 3/4 Iberian and 1/4 Arabian.

Karen Willmus, Maia's breeder/owner, writes: "This is Maia, the smokey black, with her mother, a straight sorrel (no dun.)  I wasn't trying to get a picture of her face mask or dorsal stripe or legs, so they don't show up as distinctly as they did" (in person).

Left: "This is Maia standing in front of a black Percheron filly (same age) for color comparison.  The Percheron is shed out, but Maia is not."  -- Karen


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