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For now, we have a study of a gray/dun family of Kiger Mustangs on this page.  Many dun foals are born light to begin with; when these foals age, they turn gray at the same time, making them stay very light.  At first they keep their dun markings, because of the way in which all horses tend to gray (mane, tail & legs go white last.)  But at the end the markings do succumb to the hair pigment loss caused by the gray gene.

Mestaa's line

This line of Kiger Mustangs has turned out to have gray in it, making them, of course, very light-colored.

Text below written, and pictures provided, by Bettye Roberts, except where noted.

"Mestaa is the mare who produced this line.  Big Indian is her son by a dun stallion named Little Indian. Silverado is her son by dun stallion Steens Kiger. Flash and Casper are the offspring of Silverado. Mestana never turned grey and died at age 13. Indian never turned gray. When I asked about Silverado, who is now 7, the owner said that not only had he not turned grey, but was developing some darker patches. I wondered if this could have meant that some 'corn' (you know what I mean) spots were appearing due to roan being involved."

(Note from webmaster: I saw Silverado in 2001 and he looked exactly like a grey.. .the darker spots were looked like "flea bites".  I took a photo. It is highly unlikely that Mestana did not turn grey as formerly believed [i.e. she apparently was a grey Kiger.])

"Casper was born from a dun mare with an almost white body coat, however his head was dun with roan hairs in it. He is three this year and has not changed yet. His foal, B.A. (from a dun mare) was born very very light dun, but is shedding out to be lighter, whitish, underneath. His foal dorsal was originally reddish brown but when he sheds it will be black like Casper's. Not to say there is no grey involved, but I even asked my vet and he said "no", emphatically. Here's the pics I have, and you have seen Flash recently. As you know, it is very difficult to get photographs to capture color with refined accuracy. I also included a picture of Silverado's 1999 daughter produced when bred to a grulla mare."

In this chart, "zebra dun" means a "regular" dun, which is one or two dun genes on a bay base.
Captions by webmaster (Barbara Kostelnik).

Mestana95.jpg (10188 bytes)

Mestaa, the "foundation mare" of this silvery line

silverado.jpg (9773 bytes)

Silverado, out of Mestaa, by Steens Kiger, a zebra dun.

Indian.jpg (9520 bytes)

Big Indian, out of Mestaa, by Little Indian, a zebra dun

B1.jpg (61790 bytes)

to be identified...would the person who wrote me about this foal please write me again?  A lot of my old emails were lost when I changed hard drives. bakostelnik@gmail.com

casper4-00a.jpg (50092 bytes)
casper8-2000a.jpg (50373 bytes)

cispa_casper98.jpg (50139 bytes)

Casper, by Silverado, out of a non-gray zebra dun mare (shown at bottom), owned by Bettye Roberts.  More photos of him, older, are available, and hopefully will be added here soon.

QuailSilvy99filly.jpg (91090 bytes)

grulla Silverado filly out of the mare Quail (this corrected info provided by Dianne Chaffee - thank you!)

CC.jpg (162825 bytes)

CC by Silverado

flash1.jpg (24454 bytes) flash2.jpg (23198 bytes) flash&friend.jpg (25867 bytes)

Flash (Kigers Flash Point) by Silverado out of a mare the same color as Steens Kiger. He's young in the bottom pictures ... he has matured beautifully, and grayed out quite a bit. His owners are quite proud of the fact that he is a beautiful, Andalusian-like gray Kiger.

Click here to see his page

and click HERE to see pictures of him and his that Joleen took for us ~Jan. 2004!
Kigers Flash Point

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