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Face Markings


Duns sometimes, but certainly not always, have LOWER dark face masks.  These appear to be more common on younger stock.

Tiffany_dun_apple.jpg (69364 bytes)

Sometimes a grulla (dun on pure black) will have a completely dark head :

  Isarghtfrnt6-26-05.JPG (16664 bytes)

intrigue.jpg (29849 bytes)This lady has an upper AND lower, nice dark mask.  Karisma Diamonds of Intrigue, 2002 Dun Kiger Filly.  Sire:  Cherokee   Dam:  FireDanceKarisma Kigers   


If you see darkness (masking) on the UPPER face only, such as on the forehead, this is often "shading" as seen in mahogany bay or seal brown.

Click picture to see full size.  A grullo stallion, Mainly Merlin. http://www.grullablue.com/stallions/merlin.htm
from Todd and Toni Perdew
Cedar Ridge Quarter Horses and Beagles

Another cobwebbing photo from the website http://www.lonehawkappaloosas.com/dreamy2.htm 

She is Ee Aa Crcr  -- "Dunskin"

From a folder on this web called "colt_face"

from Todd and Toni Perdew
Cedar Ridge Quarter Horses and Beagles


Diane Pinney's Sulphur stallion, Sulphur's Khanketsuba.  Click the pic to see his striking cobwebbing!


Eye markings have their own page, but I'm gonna repeat them here,
since the eye is part of the face!

wpe37.jpg (11994 bytes)

A very fine example of eye markings on  HIGH COUNTRY FIREDANCE, courtesy of Karisma Kigers

Rick To A Tee face 1-2-04.JPG (76774 bytes)Rick To A Tee eyes 1-2-04.JPG (84847 bytes)

Here is one variation on dun eye markings. There are several types!  This AQHA filly is Rick to a Tee, owned by Haas QH's, on one of her fist days wearing a saddle.

Cowboys Shining trots right 1-2-04.JPG (30250 bytes)Cowboys Shining looks back1-2-04.JPG (27578 bytes)

Mary should really keep her fillies out of her makeup!  This buckskin seems to have overdone her "eyebrows"... this is Cowboys Shining 209, also of Haas QH's.

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