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Common Dun

Also called  zebra dun, dun, regular dun, bay-based dun, and bay dun.
This is Kiger Cougar of Kentucky Horse Park with Jennifer, his handler/rider.

The basic, or most common, dun is the one that can be confused with a buckskin.  It will be a tan color with a black mane & tail and the following markings which may be anywhere from dark red to black in color: lower legs, a distinct *line* down the center of its back, and zebra-like striping or "barring" on its legs, most often found at the top back of the foreleg. There are many other possible markings and traits that appear on dun horses, but these are the minimum for a normal bay-based dun.  The horse described here is genetically black based with at least one bay (agouti) and one dun gene.

It is debatable whether a horse can be described as a dun without leg markings.  Usually, one must rely on parentage and progeny in these cases.

The horse shown above has an unusual dorsal stripe, missing in part over the withers and divided in two over the rump; making hard and fast rules for what constitutes dun markings can be foolhardy.  He also has nicely visible mane and tail frosting, which is better described as a "dilution" trait, since cream dilutes and champagnes (without dun) can have it; and not all duns do.

Below are some additional randomly selected duns (on bay)


KMA # 146-W
Sorraia Mustang Studbook # F69-K
Born 1991, Captured in Kiger HMA
Photos courtesy of Karisma Kigers
KMA# 171-W
Born 1983, Captured 1993
Riddle Mountain HMA
Karisma Kigers

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