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Dilution genes

Dilution genes do to the red and black pigments what adding white, or water, to paint, does.  There are several different kinds of dilutions:

An underline " _ "  next to a gene means it doesn't matter what the other one with it is, the results are the same.

  • Dun

    • Grullo: E_ + aa + D_
    • Dun: E_ + A_ + D_
    • Brown Dun: E_ + Ata or AtAt + D_
    • Red Dun: ee + any A or a + D_

  • Cream

    • Palomino: ee + any A or a + Crcr (red + one cream and one non-cream gene)
    • Cremello: ee + any A or a + CrCr (red + two cream genes)
    • Buckskin: E_ + A_ + Crcr (bay + one cream gene)
    • Perlino: E_ + A_ + CrCr (bay & two cream genes)
    • Smoky Brown: E_ + AtAt or Ata + Crcr (brown + one cream gene)
    • Brown Cream: E_ + AtAt or Ata + CrCr (brown + two cream genes)
    • Smoky Black: E_ + aa + Crcr (black + one cream gene)
    • Smoky Cream: E_ + aa + CrCr (black + two cream genes)

  • Champagne

    • Classic: E_ + aa + Ch_
    • Amber: E_ + A_ + Ch_
    • Gold: ee + any A or a + Ch_
    • Champagne Cream: any of the above + Crcr or CrCr

  • Silver

    • is a dominant gene (Z)
    • dilutes black manes & tail color to anything from pewter to flaxen; sometimes only partially
    • dilutes black body color to a dark chocolate color
    • has no apparent effect on red pigment

  • Double Mixed Dilutions

    • dun + 1 cream gene
      • on red: "dunalino", "line-back Palomino", "yellow dun"; looks like a Palomino with dun markings, which are usually chestnut in color.  Dorsal may continue through center of mane & tail.
      • on bay: "dunskin", "buttermilk dun", in Kigers may be called "claybank" though this otherwise means light red dun.
      • on black: "golden grullo" (?), "silver grullo"
    • dun + 2 cream genes
      • on red: cremello dun;  markings may be invisible to the naked eye
      • on bay: perlino dun;  markings tan, pewter or yellow
      • on black: smoky cream dun; markings a bit darker than on perlino dun
    • dun + champagne
      • on red: gold dun
      • on bay: amber dun
      • on seal brown: sable dun
      • on black: classic dun
    • 1 cream + champagne
      • on red: gold cream
      • on bay: amber cream
      • on seal brown: sable cream
      • on black: classic cream

    And so on.  This last list is not exhaustive, as you can well imagine.  See also:

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    (all by this same webmaster)



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