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Dun plus cream genes

This is not an exhaustive list; just a few examples.

Dun + 1 cream gene on ee (chestnut/sorrel/red):

  MVC-009S1.JPG (38727 bytes)  Dudesearbars.JPG (27471 bytes) oops -- one is a flaxen red dun; replacement pics coming. Click these to see full size.

This results in a Palomino with dun markings, (shown above), sometimes called a "yellow dun" or more often, a "dunalino", which will look for the most part like a Palomino, but have a distinct darker line down its back, darker lower legs, and leg markings.  At this time the preferred name for this color combination is "palomino dun".

The photo on the left is of Joleen B's filly by "Bud", out of a Chestnut QH mare, which is an interesting dun story.  "Bud" is Docs Matador - an AQHA cremello dun.  It's almost impossible to see dun markings on a cremello (dun plus 2 cream genes on red), so offspring are often the only way to know for sure if a cremello (double cream on red) is also a dun.  Joleen writes, "She finally shed out on her legs and this is the result. You can also see the ear tips and face masking. No question that she is dun or that 'Bud' carries dun."

The photo on the right of the 3 above is a dunalino stallion belonging to Donna & Jeff Mixon of VooDoo Farm in Florida.  It shows ear barring, however light, can be visible on a dunalino! 

Dun + 1 cream gene on E_A_ (bay):

Classy(dunfactor).jpg (58495 bytes)   lillyhead2.jpg (30798 bytes) lillysaddle1.jpg (40353 bytes)

A Buckskin with a dun gene, (photos above), often called a "dunskin" or a "buttermilk dun", will *tend* to be lighter in body color than either a regular dun or a plain buckskin, and will have all the dun markings in a darker color.
At left, AQHA dunskin mare Me Smart 'n' Classy, owned by list member Kat Lee of Carousel Quarter Horses in OK.
Center and right pics are of AQHA dunskin filly Hollywood Tigerlilly, owned by list member Liane.

Dun + 1 cream gene on E_aa (black): 

Sovina.jpg (26999 bytes)Sovina_rearing_Erin.jpg (36775 bytes)Sovino-and-Erin-Expo-2004.jpg (256665 bytes)This is Sovina, the first Sorraia to set foot on American soil.  He's owned by Erin Gray of Nature's Mustangs in Mulina, OR (south of Portland).  Photo at far left is him as a yearling. Click thumbnail pics to see full size.

Dun + 2 cream genes on E_A_ (bay):

wpe76.jpg (16831 bytes)wpe79.jpg (9238 bytes)A Perlino with a dun gene may be even closer to "white" in body color than most perlinos, and will usually show dun markings in a similar color to a buckskin's body color, or lighter. 

I believe the photo on the left is of Phantom, Alicia Crider's AQHA mare.  To its right, the markings on a perlino dun's leg.  

Dun + 2 cream genes on ee (chestnut/sorrel/red):

A Cremello with a dun gene may or may not have visible dun markings.  In many cases only breeding the horse will indicate whether the gene is present.

BlueBathDay.jpg (106402 bytes)Photo at left is OSO X, aka "Blue", an AQHA stallion who was owned by Bonnie Brewer of this list and is now living in Scandinavia.


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