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Morgan Duns

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Yes, Virginia, there are...

Purebred Morgan Duns

Here are some from a few farms that breed them:

Ragtime Morgans

Ragtime Morgans' Nancy Nard has graciously written about, and provided pictures illustrating, the dun coloration in the American Morgan Horse breed.

Nancy writes: "The dun color is as old as the breed itself. Buckskin Wheeler horse, a direct grandson of Justin Morgan, was a 'dunskin'. Most palominos in the breed trace their ancestry to him as well. Thus we see that Dun is not an outside influence, it has existed since the beginning. Most of today's duns trace through Meteor Jr. to Buckskin Wheeler Horse. Robbi Sue's Misalert, dam of Gus (below), traces thru Imperial to Meteor Jr, and her dunskin color is a direct heritage of her lineage. Unfortunately, in the not too distant past, color wasn't 'cool' in the Morgan breed, and many beautiful horses were either not bred or their offspring registered as "other" colors. This line is a wellspring of fine old blood and one of the few direct lines to dun left in the breed. We need to all thank Julie Ploof for her persistence in breeding these colors when color was not an 'in' thing."

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Robbi Sue's Ragtime  ("Gus")

gus.jpg (19564 bytes)  gus leg bars.jpg (52790 bytes) gusdorsal.jpg (48967 bytes) gus neck barring.jpg (20645 bytes) gusface masking.jpg (26129 bytes)  gusdapples.jpg (19909 bytes)          

A bay-based dun with one cream gene  -   Ragtime Morgans' head stallion

Nancy writes: "Robbi Sue's Ragtime (Gus) is a 'dunskin'. Thus, in addition to the four basic shades of dun, he can pass on a cream gene. The palette of  colors he can pass can vary from palomino to dunalino ( a dun palomino), to straight Dun shades, to lighter dunskins like himself, plus traditional non-linebacked buckskins.  Because his sire was a black, he can produce grullas  as well  -  perhaps the rarest color in the Morgan breed. Since he carries two dilution genes, he will throw 75% "colored" foals.

"Gus, then, is a rarity. He is perhaps the most unique of the Misalert sons. Because his sire Edelweiss Magic Man was black, his genotype will allow him to produce rare grullas. And Magic was a stallion of unique athletic ability and great strength of pedigree in addition to being one of the prettiest and most typey stallions of our lifetime.

"When we bred Misalert for Gus- we knew if it was a stallion we would indeed be fortunate. In addition, we are leasing Gus's older full sister, Robbi Sue's Mystique . We also lease the Misalert son, Robbi Sue's Sweet Success, and own the Misalert grulla daughter, Lady Sunderland." (see both of them below)

Robbi Sue's Sweet Success ("ZEKE") 

 zeke.jpg (36783 bytes)   zekestripe.jpg (29896 bytes) zekemask.jpg (20958 bytes)

"This dun stallion is owned by Tammy Kikta of New York. 
He is a bay-based dun, or 'peanut butter dun'.  Son of Misalert."

Lady Sunderland

"This mare has a gene combination of dun plus cream on a black base"
(she is a a grulla with a cream gene), now known as "smoky grulla". --  owned by Ragtime Morgans

Successful Outta The Blue

"A rare, true GRULLA mare"  

Ragtime Lonesome Dove

Nancy wrote: "Ragtime Lonesome Dove appears to fit  the category of a dusty dun.
Though at some seasons she is more of a lilac dun. (owned by Ragtime Morgans)"

Finally Tater's Tot

"A bay, or 'peanut butter', dun mare"

Ragtime Razzle Dazzle
  dazhead.jpg (29064 bytes)

"This mare is a dunalino. She has a heavy dorsal stripe, bars over the withers, very heavy face masking, leg bars and fishboning. At times of the year she has stripes over her rib cage almost like a zebra. However- she also shows that in the presence of cream on a chestnut base, dappling can also occur. Her heavy dorsal stripe extends to the very end of her tail and through her mane. She also has a ventral stripe."

mystique.jpg (14369 bytes)

Robbi Sue's Mystique

"This mare is a full sister to Robbi Sue's Ragtime.  She has given the farm two stunning colts to date"

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For more info on these dun Morgan horses, and others,
and more great pictures, see:

http://www.ragtime-morgans.com   and  http://www.dunmorgans.com  

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