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Kiger Mustang

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Kiger Mustangs

...mostly dun, named for the Steens &/or Kiger mountains, valleys, etc. in Oregon.  This one is Kiger Cougar, who was long a star at, and whom we met at, the Kentucky Horse Park, near Lexington, KY, with this then-handler and rider, Jennifer, who then became a dungenes list member.

The webmaster wishes to thank Bettye Roberts, Kim Bauer, and the many others
who helped me learn many things about Kiger Mustangs
back around "the turn of the century".  :-)

In September of 2001, Barbara Kostelnik, the webmaster and founder of dungenes, visited Portland, Oregon ...

  1. to hear Dr. Gus Cothran explain the results of his research on the genetics of Kiger Mustangs; 

  2. I also visited Carol Pshigoda's Cream Acres in Bend (Alfalfa) to verify that American Cream Draft Horses are champagne (and yes, they are usually gold champagne),

  3. stayed one night at Timberline Lodge and fell in love with it and Mt. Hood, and during this trip also ...

  4. met Dianne Chaffee, a dungenes list member who owns Canyon Creek Kigers in Washington State, and who also attended Dr. Cothran's presentation, 

  5. visited the Steens Kiger ranch in 2000 and "met" Steens Kiger, sire of Donner, and the stallion Silverado, as well as many beautiful Kiger foals and their dams; see also "Mestana line" for some relatives of some of his horses;

  6. on a similar trip the following year I "met" Erin Gray's Sorraia stallion, Sovina, her friend, and other horses that were there at that time (see "Sorraia" under breeds), but I missed meeting Erin (I waited and waited but she was out somewhere ... but we're good friends online.)  Sovina is the top left photo on every page of this web site!

To see a great family of gray Kigers, click the "Mestana line"

Not Kigers, but "sort of" Mustangs:

And a site we don't want to forget about is  http://www.cayuseranch.com .  Though we don't have permission to POST their pictures on our site, I have LINKED to them because of their various and often unusual colors... they are fabulous and plentiful!

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