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The Fjordhorse




-- In 1RainbowHorses@yahoogroups.com, "Timmis" <timmis@s...> wrote:

In Sweden and Norway we have a lot of Fjord horses and Fjord crosses.

All Fjords are DD, Most of them also EE AA although there are some ee
DD and E aa DD an a very few with the Ccr gene too.

They are bred to be LIGHT in base color.

But - HEEHEE, there is nothing special about their manes. It is CUT
to stand up, and if you don't it will look just like any other light
bay dun.

Fjords are very good driving horses, in my opinion they are
to "heavy" both in body and mind to be good riding horses but I know
the fjord lovers disagree, and of course there are exeptions.

All fjord crosses are dun too of course but they are almost always a
bit darker since the other breeds not are bred to be very light in
bas color.

The duns in the fjord breed here in Sweden and Norway where the breed
comes from have the same correct genotype color names as other breeds
in Sweden.
they are:

E A D - light bay dun (two pics)
E aa D - light black dun (one pic)
ee D - light red dun
E A D CCcr - light buckskin dun
E aa D CCcr - light black dun with creme-gene. (you cannot see it so
you add it if the offspring proves it)
ee D CCcr - light palomino dun

But in the US people just LOVE to invent new names, right ;-) ?




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