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This page was originally a stallion ad for "Blue" - I'm in the process of converting it to a "proof that Blue is dun" page.

OSO X  ("Blue")


By Golden Caantender, PHBA Halter ROM.
Out of Platinum Review,  own daughter of Impressive Review
Grandsire James Caan who is by Sonny Dee Bar.

  His sire, Golden Caantender


Click to enlarge these photos of OSO X:

blue.h3.jpg (21911 bytes) blue.h2.jpg (22864 bytes) blue.h5.jpg (20995 bytes) BlueBathDay.jpg (106402 bytes) 

Homozygous for the cream dilution gene ; also not-so-apparently carries the dun gene (see two of his "dunskin" colts, below, out of non-dun mares).

Blue's half-sister: Blue "could have" a dun gene, because his sire had to have one, in order to produce Texans Only Hope, left,  Gayle Norman's dunalino (palomino + dun) mare out of a dark sorrel.  "Hope" is clearly dun marked and also produces duns and dunskins (buckskin + dun) by non-dun stallions.  See more of Hope & her progeny by clicking here

Blue has produced a Palomino Tobiano filly, Dun Overo gelding, Palomino Colt, also fancy sport ponies in exotic colors (we could check these for dun colors out of non-dun mares, if desired).

Previously owned by Gary and Bonnie Brewer alchemyacres1@cs.com ; much of the info on this page about him is thanks to Bonnie and Gayle Norma, owner of Hope, a half-sister of Blue.

2 of his dun offspring

When I saw that these geldings were produced out of non-dun mares, I knew something was "up"!  One of them went on to win "most dun factor" contests, as an adult, so it wasn't "just foal markings".

  Oso Justice Dun.jpg (90423 bytes)

OSO Justice Dun ("JD"), apparently a "dunskin", is out of a non-dun QH mare.  It seems OSO X must have a dun gene hiding under his cremello color.   15.3 H Gelding, deceased as of 3/6/05 as a result of a fatal leg injury.

DUSTY_BOW.jpg (78999 bytes) Copy 2 of diane2May 21, 2001 (.jpg (254213 bytes)

OSO Dusty Blue ("Dusty"), out of a Thoroughbred mare, also apparently a "dunskin."

"Dunskin" is a colloquial term for a dun with a cream gene, or a buckskin with dun added.


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