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Appaloosa Duns

I've tried to note which horses have proven they are actually duns by producing dun from non-dun horses, since many Appaloosas develop a dark dorsal line as they color up.

Please click small pictures to see full size.

Sherry Webb  writes:
"This is my grulla appy's stripe that continues into her tail. I think it is funny how the dark dun stripe turns white!   The only place you canwpe1.jpg (15893 bytes) actually see the dark dun stripe is in the one or two body colored spots she has along her spine." (Click to enlarge the small pics)


wpe87.jpg (11257 bytes) Wakita's Whirlwind, 1997 ApHC # 565775. Sherry continues: "Verified Smoky Grulla by UC Davis. Tested EE,aa,Crcr.  Of course there isn't a dun test, but she is dun; with dun factor, dilute body color, and she has had 2 dun foals from non dun sires to prove it! Also, she is 87% Foundation bred, with some of the greatest Appaloosa sires such as Mighty Bright, Navajo Britches and Peavy Bimbo in her pedigree. She also traces back to Triple Crown winner, Whirlaway, on her dam's side."

wpe75.jpg (31823 bytes)wpe1.jpg (41194 bytes)This mare's current owner is Betty Finch. She sent these two photos of her dorsal area.  Click them to see the very large full size.

 Magnuson%20LadyBug%2072.jpg (16633 bytes) Little_Lady.jpg (63829 bytes) Ladybug1.jpg (159212 bytes) Ladybug4.jpg (153406 bytes) 

Northstar Ladybug 

Left, as a foal before she shed out to a full leopard pattern. 
Below, left, two (huge) pics show Ladybug, now, as a yearling.   She just got a bath and was partially wet.  Her dam was also a dun.  Owned by and pics courtesy of Anna Larson, New Mexico dunappaloosa/index.htm 




new horse.jpg (26971 bytes) blanket1.jpg (58752 bytes) blanket2.jpg (102881 bytes)

Anna's Top Dun, aka "Topper"

Left, her foal shot, which shows nicely her shoulder barring.
The next two show off Topper's dorsal stripe in between her blanket.  Owned by and pics courtesy of Anna Larson, New Mexico dunappaloosa/index.htm




Bucky1.JPG (25880 bytes) Colt1.JPG (143619 bytes)  

The Dream Collector, aka "Bucky"

Born 5/12/04 at 1:30 am. He is an Appaloosa, no spots though, and he got his ice blue eyes from his Dam, Bright Eyes Bobbye.   His sire is Pleasant Dreams. Owned by, and pics courtesy of, Ivy RittenhouseApp-A-Lot Ranch.



bucky_turn.jpg (19062 bytes) bucky.jpg (29625 bytes) bucky_back.jpg (11993 bytes) Rocket1.JPG (117044 bytes)

Eyes Rocket N Flight, aka "Rocket Man" 

He's a full older brother to "The Dream Collector", above.  He is for sale!

Owned by, and pics courtesy of, Ivy RittenhouseApp-A-Lot Ranch



Sunnita's Duchess.  Her owner writes: "She has wonderful cob webbing on her face.  Leg barring still shows, even with her heavy roaning. She is a five year old. She was a BuckskinSissy2.JPG (72756 bytes) colored Dun like her sire when she was foaled. She had a jet black dorsal and tranverse stripe like her 1/2 sister Sunnita's Rose~ AQHA." Mary "Annita" Blake of Wolf  Run  Ranch in Cameron, WV.  "You can see the remnants of her dorsal stripe."



Dun behind 2.JPG (67938 bytes)

Foals bred by Ivan (Dick) & Mary "Annita" Blake;  ApHC, AQHA, & NFQHA Performance Horses Wolf  Run  Ranch  



Annita Blake writes: "This is all I could find on my computer of Rascal. He's a lot bigger now:15-2 hands. He is 1/2 brother to Sissy, Levi, Sassy & Rose. Uncle to Becky & Chai. He is one colorful Barrel horse. And belongs to my daughter Lora. And Barb I know it's a squishy picture...lol."  (Squishy pictures, Barb can fix.  LOL!)

Ivan (Dick) & Mary "Annita" Blake;  ApHC, AQHA, & NFQHA Performance Horses Wolf  Run  Ranch  



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